Professional solution with perfect mix of security and usability

Access your files from any computer or device

MFlash is Dropbox for the enterprise. We provide fast and simple access to documents, files, and shared folders with robust security and administration features that make your IT happy.

  • mflash-smart-file-synchronisation
    • Securely collaborate with your team members inside and outside of your organization network.
    • Save e-mail attachments to MFlash directly from MS Outlook without any extra steps.
    • Don’t change the way you work… keep your files where they are and share them with the click of a mouse.

File distribution to a mobile workforce

Distribute files in no time to large collaboration groups with the assurance that everyone has access to the latest version, no matter where they are and what device they use to access it.

  • mflash-collaboration2
    • Ensure that the latest materials are available to individuals, teams, and departments anywhere in the enterprise
    • Keep in mind that your files aren’t overwritten and that people have easy access to the previous versions
    • Work online or offline when traveling

Securely transfer large files and replace FTP

FTP was never designed to move files from one client computer to another client computer

  • mflash-backup-audit
    • Securely share video, design and other heavy files regardless of size or format
    • Send and receive files without FTP clients, sites or portals
    • Share links instead of files so you can track who, when and where downloaded your file

Automatic real-time document backup

Know your documents in work are safe no matter what happens to your device.

  • mflash-real-time-backup
    • Automatically back up of folders and files
    • Recover previous versions of files from the archive
    • Restore unintendedly deleted files from the recycle bin

Automate file transfers without FTP

Distribute generated files by your ERP or CRM system to employees, customers or partners automatically.

  • mflash-share-files
    • Configure email notifications for you and recipients when files are transferred
    • Activate managerial approval before distribution to be in line with processes flows
    • Determine validity period of links or call back the entire distribution