Do you have an information security policy?

MFlash supports the processes for ensuring the security and confidentiality of restricted information and establishes administrative, technical and physical safeguards protecting against unauthorized access of this information.

  • Encrypted in flight and at rest

    No matter which encryption method is required by your policy, we have the right solution for you. MFlash can be configured to use any required encryption method for stored data such as PGP, 256-bit AES or GOST 28147-89 encryption. Transmission data can be encrypted using the industry standard SSL encryption.

  • Protection of data on devices

    MFlash erases all traces left on the local hard disk after reading or editing files. Our method ensures absolute data intractability even by means of recovery tools. Furthermore, MFlash has a so-called “wipe” function which enables the administrator to delete critical data on synchronized device in case it has been stolen or lost.
  • Password Policy

    If MFlash is not integrated with the active directory, you still can enforce required password complexity set out by the password policy.
  • Monitoring

    Get greater visibility on use of corporate content in order to recall content when needed. User login history and metadata associated with a file transfer are also available.