Secure and convenient sharing with internal and external parties!

Ad-hoc file exchange with external parties and bunch of file moderation features for a better visibility into how content is sent, who has access to it and how long content is available.

  • Guest User Portal

    A first-time recipient receives an e-mail including access details to a secure web portal through which the file can be accessed. After having used the Guest Portal once, the recipient will receive a notificiation each time another file has been shared with him.

  • Full Control

    The central administration provides administrators with full control over shared content. Administrator can configure a white list with allowed domains, disable sharing for a specific user and delete links at any time.

  • Guest Feedback

    Recipients, who don’t have a regular account, can still securely upload files up to 2 GB and leave comments using the portal’s feedback function. Thus transparency and traceability in the entire process of document exchange will rise.

MS Outlook Add-In

The Add-In automatically replaces attachments that exceed a certain size with a link.

  • Saving attachments and emails

    MFlash Outlook Add-In has multiple options for saving received attachment, tasks, appointments and e-mails directly into your cloud folder.

  • Attach files directly

    The Add-In automatically replaces attachments that exceed a certain size with a link. Recipients receive the original email and instructions on how to download the file from the MFlash Guest Portal.

Copy or Link?

You have the option to send a file link which will enable the receiver to access the latest file version or a copy of the current file version.

    • Any time and everywhere with any device
    • Transparent and confidential
    • Compose standard message in various languages
    • Adjustment of the validation period
    • Instant notification upon access to the file
    • Automatically delete link after download