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What is your deployment preference?

We are offering private cloud deployments, either on-premise or as a hosted offering. Ensure confidentiality and availability of corporate content the way you want it!

  • On-premise deployment 

    MFlash on-premise deployment provides dedicated and isolated cloud infrastructure operated solely for a single organization within the organization’s firewall. It can be quickly installed and configured to run in a virtual environment such as VMware.
  • Managed hosting

    Choose your preferred vendor in a country of your choice or one of our partners. We take care of the installation and configuration of the server environment, deploy MFlash and take care of the server management.
  • Active directory integration

    If MFlash is integrated with your active directory, you can manage authentication and groups directly from your corporate management software. MFlash automatically creates or suspends corresponding users and groups.
  • Integrated virus scanner

    Files are checked for viruses during the upload process. MFlash may be configured to use any required antivirus software which can be executed via a command line.
  • Integrated DLP

    MFlash can be integrated with any data loss prevention software which can be executed via a command line. Defined rules for different file types or content will be applied respectively.
  • High scalability

    Being a highly flexible and scalable solution, MFlash allows organizations to leverage their deployment from a single server to a global deployment supporting thousands of users worldwide.