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Edit files directly in the cloud!

No manual up- or downloading. Files can be opened, edited and saved directly to the cloud storage through any local application without intermediate steps.

Automatic file and folder checkout

Prevent version conflicts caused by collisions. While one user is processing the file, other users access it in read-only mode.

Map local folder structure

Map your cloud folders to any local folder path on your device. When opening your cloud folders for synchronization MFlash automatically creates missing directories and synchronizes its content.

File versioning

Every time a file is changed the previous version is added to the archive. As a result, an existing file is never overwritten and you can always return to an earlier version. This feature is activated by default but can be deactivated in the folder options.

File explorer context menu integration

This feature allows you to upload one or multiple files to a cloud folder without opening your browser. Select from the context menu item “MFlash” and choose one of cloud folders available to you. Subsequently the files will be uploaded in the background.

Working offline

If the Internet connection is lost you can continue working on directly opened files and files in synced folders without any risk of version conflicts. Changes will be synchronized as soon as the Internet connection is restored.

Two synchronisation modes

The synchronization process works in two ways: “Open for changes” and “Open as read-only“.

Open for changes

With ‘open for changes’ all changes are synchronized with the cloud. Whilst this mode is active, other users are limited to being only able to read the files but not modifying them.


The ‘read-only’ option allows an unlimited amount of users to observe all changes made by another user simultaneously.