Business File Sharing and Collaboration

Secure file sharing and collaboration across multiple endpoint devices with customers, partners and colleagues without restrictions on file type and size.


Reach the equilibrium of collaboration and file sharing needs with IT’s security and control requirements. Unlike most public cloud services, MFlash has much more to offer for better security and control over company’s information, better administrative capabilities, and end-user protection. Tell me more…


  • Encrypted in flight and at rest
  • Choose your preferred encryption method
  • Protection of data on end-user’s devices


Effectively manage and secure business data according to your corporate policy on your own on-premises storage resources, ensuring that all organization’s compliance obligations are satisfied. Tell me more…


  • Active directory integration
  • DLP and antivirus software integration
  • Installation on Linux or Microsoft server


Secure file sharing with MFlash is easy-to-use, straightforward and convenient for sender and receiver. Files are sent independently of email, but transfers can be initiated from an email client or from a webmail-like browser interface. Users don’t have to change the way they work and IT department gets better control over information that leaves the organization. Tell me more…


  • No file size limits (>20 GB)
  • MS Outlook and SharePoint add-ins
  • File explorer context menu integration


In so many cases you need only one file meaning there is no need to synchronize the entire folder: you just choose a single file in your virtual folder and work on it. No additional up- or downloading – files can be opened, edited and saved directly to the cloud storage with just one click. When one user is processing the file, in order to escape from version conflicts, the others can open it in a read-only mode. Tell me more…


  • Offline working and smart sync modes
  • File versioning
  • Working and project groups

Private centralized storage for efficient sharing and collaboration among different platforms.

  • Windows

  • OS X

  • iOS
  • Android